Gym Bag Essentials

Hello guys!

I love going to the gym! What about you? But … What to pack in your gym bag? It’s very important to have the right items with you at the gym. Today i’ll tell you my gym bag essentials!

1. Your gym outfit!

2. Water bottle. If you want to have a better workout, you should make sure you are drinking enough water before and during your workout.


Hair ties

3. For girls – hair ties.

4. Deodorant..

5. iPod/MP3 Player. Good music = a great workout! It doesn’t matter who you are or what type of tunes you like, turn up the volume and let your ears enjoy!

6. Lock. Most gyms have a “no bag” policy on the fitness floor, so you have to put your gear in a locker.

7. Healthy Snacks!                                                         


Body lotion.

8. Body lotion.

9. Spray/perfume.

10. if you shower..a towel,soap, comb, blow dryer and etc.

11. Don’t forget your gym membership card!!!

These are just my gym bag essentials. You can make your own 🙂

Love you all,



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