Healthy life.

Hi guys! 

Today’s post is really simple – healthy life. What is healthy life? How to be healthy? If you want to know everything, you just have to read this post!


Sleeping is really good for you! Getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night reduces dark circles under your eyes and reduces wrinkles.  Many studies also suggest that you will live longer, so who doesn’t want that ? 🙂 Getting enough sleep can improve memory too! Who doesn’t want to be beautiful?? So, sleep, it’s really good for you!     


Water, water, water … You have to drink about seven cups of water each day !! Want to know everything about water? Click here!                                                             Image

Exercising! You have to exercise three days each week for an hour or two hours. If you want – you can exercise everyday, but not too much. More about exercising everyday – here

Healthy eating! You have to eat three snacks and three meals each day. In my blog there are lots of healthy recipes – snacks, smoothies, breakfast ideas, etc. 

Yes, these are healthy life secrets which everybody knows, but not everybody does. I’m trying to eat healthy, drink lots of water, sleep well and exercise, because I want to be healthy, look healthy, feel healthy and live longer! Who doesn’t want to live longer?! 🙂 So, that’s it. 🙂

Lots of love,

Lilly ღ                                  


How to: Stripey Parfait!

Hi guys!

Today I decided to start new posts ”How to:”, because lots of people do these posts! I think i’ll do them one or twice a month. I hope you’ll like them. 🙂 So this post ” How to: Stripey Parfait! ” is the first. 🙂 Let’s start!

You’ll need lots of fruit, yogurt, granola, long spoon and a clear glass. You just have to make lots of layers and have fun! Make it colorful! It’ll look delicious and taste delicious! 


Hope you liked this short post. What I like the most, that this stripey parfait is easy, fun to make and looks ( and tastes for sure ) amazing!