Just Smile!

Hello guys,

When you smile, the world smiles back! I just love to smile 🙂 What about you? How often do you smile in a day?? Do you smile when you meet new people?? Read on for 7 reasons why smiling is good for you, your health and your social life! 🙂 

1. It makes you look more attractive. Ever wonder why are we always asked to smile in photos? Because people usually look their best when smiling.        

2. Smiling can make you happy (even when you’re not). The next time you feel sad or upset, try smiling. It just might make your body feel better.

3. Smiling can make others happy. When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. 🙂

4. Smiling can help you de-stress. The next time you’re stressed about something or realize that your favorite jeans feel a little snug, don’t freak out. Take a few deep breaths and smile!

5. It boosts your immune system!

6. Smiling can lead to laughter. Have you ever laughed without smiling? 🙂

7. Smiling just feels good! Have you ever found that smiling just feels good? Go ahead, smile now. Doesn’t it feel natural? Make you feel happy to be alive? 🙂          

Guys, If you can’t find a reason to smile, pop in a funny DVD, listen to your favorite songs, read comics or call a friend. Heck, you may be able to even read the word smile and feel better! 

Remember – you’re never fully dressed without a smile! 🙂 

Lilly 🙂